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GG ([personal profile] ggmoonycrisco) wrote2011-09-06 06:08 pm
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Saluton! Do you know Esperanto? Maybe We'll invent a Cosmic Esperanto.

It's time for my local con again, so it's time for the art show again... and after I made the Prince last year, I was dared by the art show guy to make another member of the All Cosmos royal family.

So I did.

Cue up some music and have a look at The King

I started him in February and worked on him all summer, and he's finally done as of today.

The King is almost 30" from the tip of his toes to the top of his crown. His head is 18" wide. His entire body is amigurumi crochet, though there is a wire hanger to support his spine. His face is made of Model Magic and felt, and his robe was sewn out of blue crepe.

Here is a picture with me to see how big he is.

If you'll be in town for Nan Desu Kan this weekend, look for the King at the art show!

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