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GG's Summer Crochet Commissions


(Kitten not included.)

Why GG! It's about damn time!

Yes indeed. It's been a while but I have the free time and the need for money to pimp out my mad yarn skillz for fun and profit once again.

How will commissions work, GG?

This here is the place to sign up for them. I'll take commissions in groups of five, first come first served, because I'm a bit of a sporadic worker, so I don't want to leave anybody hanging for months on end.

Comment to this entry with a description of what you want. I'll accept payment through Paypal, but not until your project is finished, just to keep me on my toes. If you refuse to speak to Paypal because it killed your parents or something, we can arrange another form of payment, though I won't accept checks from just anybody. Paypal is vastly preferred due to the ease of it.

What exactly can you make?

Pretty much anything you want. I have some samples here, but if you can dream it, and it can be made out of crochet, I can probably give it a shot. If you have an idea for something, let me know! I can and have done plushies, stuffed animals, pillows, hats, scarves, bracelets, necklaces and other accessories, along with clothes for BJDs and any other nightmare-inducing dolls you've got lying around.

See below for some samples of my work, or you can visit my Deviant Art. You can also check the "crochet" tag on this very journal to see some of the older things I've done.

No. Really. Anything. I can probably figure it out.

How much are we talkin' here, Geej?

Prices will vary based on what you want, but here are some basics:

Small Items/Bracelets and Simple Jewelry: $10

Winter Items/Hats and Scarves: $20

I have many patterns for these so ask for specifics. Pick your color and style. I am currently working on some custom Avengers-themed items, and it's not out of the question I could customize the dorkiest little hat you ever wanted.

Small Amigurumi Animal: Start at $15 + Shipping.

(this is a very large pattern, about a foot and a half, and would cost around $30)

Pick an animal, I'll find a pattern and can do it in any colors you like. Most small, simple animals will fall in the $15 range, but if you request something large, crazy, or that I can't find a pattern for, we can talk a little bit higher.

Custom Character Dolls: Start at $20 + Shipping.

Here's the popular one. I can do any human-shaped character you want (or maybe even a non-human one...) Simply provide a picture or an MSPaint and I can do it. I like to be detailed and will include any accessories or decorations that really "make" the design, using felt, buttons, ribbons, small charms, etc, etc.

Most basic characters will be $20, like Rebecca and Axel here. They have simple hairstyles and outfits and a few accessories.

Characters with extremely complex outfits/hairstyles, extra built-on pieces (like Kariya here), non-human characters and other characters of more difficult design will have varying prices, though there is a $5 "Tetsuya Nomura" surcharge on any character with an excess of zippers, hairspikes and belts, such as Sora here. The Prince is another example of a more expensive project, because he's much larger than the other dolls and more complex to make.

If you want anything more complicated than the Prince, for instance something like the bots, we'll discuss prices and complexity. I AM BUT A HUMBLE CROCHETER.

Custom Pillows (depends on size)

Simple-shaped small throw pillows. You pick the colors or designs. Cap's pillow here would cost about $30 for this size (a little under 2 feet diameter.) Smaller, around $20.

In any case, let me know here if you're interested. We can discuss project specifics and such either here or over AIM.

Let's get hookin'.