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GG ([personal profile] ggmoonycrisco) wrote2016-02-12 08:20 am
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Hey, two entries in a week... a week apart. It's a start, eh?

I wish I had anything of real substance to say. I've been so tired this week, hahaha... I chalked it up to the Super Bowl earlier in the week (being a Bronco fan is exhausting, believe me) but my dad mentioned something on Wednesday about a lack of vitamin B12 making people feel tired. He also mentioned it was usually women over 45, but I took my vitamins last night and I do feel better today. I need to start being more consistent with that kind of thing. I'm awful about remembering to take my pill, my vitamins, my fish oil (for eczema). Maybe a checklist on the mirror, idk.

Long weekend! I need to finish Evie's cat this weekend. I'm already late for her birthday... fortunately she's only 1 so it's not like she'll care. I just need to make the limbs and tail and assemble him.

I know a few of you have been having rough weeks, so just know that you're all in my thoughts and I'm hoping the best for you all. I'm almost always on AIM (at home, and nobody cares if I am at work) so feel free to hit me up if you ever need an encouraging word or just to vent. Auntie GG is here for you.

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