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Hey, two entries in a week... a week apart. It's a start, eh?

I wish I had anything of real substance to say. I've been so tired this week, hahaha... I chalked it up to the Super Bowl earlier in the week (being a Bronco fan is exhausting, believe me) but my dad mentioned something on Wednesday about a lack of vitamin B12 making people feel tired. He also mentioned it was usually women over 45, but I took my vitamins last night and I do feel better today. I need to start being more consistent with that kind of thing. I'm awful about remembering to take my pill, my vitamins, my fish oil (for eczema). Maybe a checklist on the mirror, idk.

Long weekend! I need to finish Evie's cat this weekend. I'm already late for her birthday... fortunately she's only 1 so it's not like she'll care. I just need to make the limbs and tail and assemble him.

I know a few of you have been having rough weeks, so just know that you're all in my thoughts and I'm hoping the best for you all. I'm almost always on AIM (at home, and nobody cares if I am at work) so feel free to hit me up if you ever need an encouraging word or just to vent. Auntie GG is here for you.
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As of tomorrow, it'll be one month until my birthday! And something like... four and a half years since the last time I made a journal entry?

I've always liked the concept of journaling but I've never been very good at keeping up with it. I tend to explode all my needed rants on plurk or at my poor unsuspecting mother or sister via text message. But I want to put in a good try to get going on DW like I used to on LJ, to fight the good fight. Also, because I'm disappointed in how far I've slipped in terms of writing stuff (non RP-related) in the last couple of years. It's a habit, like anything else, and I've fallen out of it in favor of microblogging on plurk.

I don't feel like I've lost my touch or anything... it's just been so long since I was able to write something for fun or something original. Hell, the last fanfic I wrote was I think a year ago last summer. I just need to channel the energy to more than one place. It's not like it's anything but laziness at this point.

Besides, living alone, I think it'd be good for me to get my thoughts out somewhere so I don't descend into single bachelorette with two cats-induced madness. Always a good plan.

So let's see, busy weekend, sort of! Tomorrow is a pretty dull day at work, but I've got plans to go pick up a chicken parm for lunch to throw some good juju PFM's way for the Super Bowl. Saturday, I'm going over to the folks' to do my taxes. Sunday is the Super Bowl, and Dad will probably have something cooking all day.

Tuesday is Mardi Gras as well, so I'm probably making King Cake with Mom over the weekend sometime. There's these boxed mixes you can get at World Market that are delicious. It even comes with a plastic baby Jesus.

(couldn't ask for a better ending phrase for my first personal entry in forever!)
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(Kitten not included.)

See cut for more info! )

In any case, let me know here if you're interested. We can discuss project specifics and such either here or over AIM.

Let's get hookin'.
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Saluton! Do you know Esperanto? Maybe We'll invent a Cosmic Esperanto.

It's time for my local con again, so it's time for the art show again... and after I made the Prince last year, I was dared by the art show guy to make another member of the All Cosmos royal family.

So I did.

Cue up some music and have a look at The King in all Their glory. )

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